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We are an OEM replacement only website.  We are unable to provide engineering for each single use application.  Our insurance company requires us to make a reasonable effort to make sure the parts are in the right application.  To do that we only allow returns for defective product.  Some gas springs are used in applications that could be unsafe if the spring used was inadequate for the application.  If you need help with a cross reference, we can do that.

Yes!  If you expect to purchase 500 or more gas springs, we can do the engineering for your application.  Please send us a description of your application at info@industrialhardwaredirect.com and we will help!

Yes! We can do that!  Please email at info@industrialhardwaredirect.com the part number and your annual usage and we will give you a quote.

Sometimes we can, sometimes we can not.  We can usually get the parts, but it will have either a higher price and/or a minimum quantity.  If your application is critical and you need the parts, send us an email at info@industrialhardwaredirect.com and we will let you know what we can do.  It is typically a minimum of 20-50 pieces.

Unfortunately, due to liability reasons we are unable to do engineering and design for specific applications without minimums.  The market we are set up to serve is replacement for existing OEM applications.

Gas springs, when installed in application should just compress with applying force in the application. There is no release mechanism. If they failed, the only option is for them to be replaced.

We unfortunately cannot make specific application recommendations due to liability and engineering restrictions. However, the most common springs used in that application are 80#, 100# and 120#.  You can find a link to those three springs below.




We ship Monday through Friday.  If your order comes in by noon, it will typically ship that same day.  We typically close the week of the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas through New Years.

If you purchased a new gas spring and it was anything more than 20 pounds of force you will probably be unable to compress it without installing it first.  Many people think they should be able to compress a 50 pound gas spring with their hands however that is most likely not the case.  Try installing the gas springs first then it should compress.

Click below for a quick installation guide for gas springs.

Gas Prop Instruction Sheet IHD

Your products will ship via FedEx Ground or FedEx Home.  If you choose the overnight option they will ship via FedEx Standard Express.

Your product will ship from the Midwest.  Most areas in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio are next day delivery.  Most of the east coast is two business days days.  California can take up to 5 business days.